As with all things I believe that God has given us grace in our health.
Grace to eat that doughnut, piece of blueberry pie, Or drink that Starbucks frappe. Along with grace He has given us self control. If I’m driving somewhere and see a Krispy Kreme you better believe that I’m pulling over to enjoy a delicious doughnut as a treat. That’s what it is-a treat. Not a daily occurrence. Not a weekly or monthly occurrence a rare treat. If I were to pull in to every Dunkin Donuts I saw and buy a donut that would not be exercising self control because it would occur all too often. I believe treats are meant to be enjoyed not come with guilt. My birthday is on Sunday and I can promise you that I will be having dessert! I’m not sure what but I will. One dessert not a day of desserts. I will eat clean for my other 3-5 meals that day. I will not feel guilty for this either. I will not say “I shouldn’t have ate that” I won’t cry or be anxious in the process. That is big for me coming from a past of disordered eating. God wants us to be healthy and steward our bodies well absolutely but He also gave us food to enjoy. In the Bible we see rich food
used in celebrations so why wouldn’t I enjoy some on the celebration of my birth? God has given me the two things I need to eat on my birthday and every other day. Self control and grace. I’m not a legalist in my faith so why would I be in my food? “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of love, power, and a sound mind

-2 Timothy 1:7


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